Today in Heidelberg (13.05.2015)

18h Fotoaction vor the Diversity-Tag: always ten people will form letters of the word DIVERSITY for a picture to show the diversity of the citizens of Heidelberg.

We’ll meet there to discuss our project and then take part in the action. Afterwards we’ll get ready for a party in the Halle02:

Going Nuts! mit Dubbing Panda & Malte Montana + Special Guest: DJ Freeze


Upcoming Events

Proposed Workshop: Gardening

Proposed Workshop: Theatre

Meet Up: Theatre Workshop Prep

Past Events

11.05.2015, The Hotelfachschule Heidelberg invited today to inform about jobs.

10.05.2015, 16.30h  at the Patton Barracks Reinhard will collect the people from the Vineberg-Workshop for a barbecue at his garden in the Philosophen Weg. Be at the Pattons if you want to take part 🙂

10.05.2015, Startup Weekend Rhein-Neckar

09.05.2015, 10am – 3pm: Open Space: “refugee becoming citizen” at Heidelberg Library

06.05.2015 amnesty international at Mannheim University: