[Update, 25.07.2015, 14.00 Uhr]: Hi everyone! We have changed plans for today because of the unpredictable rain!! Instead of doing the picnic on the Neckarwiese (we will postpone til next weekend), we decided to join the Sommerfest Grill at one Asylheim in Eppelheim today at 17 Uhr. It is organised by the Asylarbeitskreis and they will have some food and music! It’s also a great chance to visit the Heim there and to meet more people living there. The address is Henkel-Teroson Str. 14-16 and everyone who joins is asked to bring something small to eat (salad or dessert). I will definitely be there with around 10-15 guys from the Patton Barracks. Looking forward to seeing you there or at our picnic next week! Thank you!


Saturday, 25.07.2015 01.08.2015 – 15 Uhr at Neckarwiese (BBQ zone)

It’s time to meet & greet in person!

The main goal of the event is to welcome and include refugees and asylum seekers in the international Heidelberg community and for everyone to have a chance to get to know each other.

Of course good people, food and music (instruments welcome!) are key ingredients! I can bring plates, cups and cutlery and you can bring some tasty food and drinks to share with the group! Extra blankets are very welcome!

We’ll meet on the Neckarwiese near the first grill in the first grillzone.

Have fun 🙂



Who ever is interested, is invited to the Summer Fest of Asylarbeitskreis at Henkel-Teroson at 17 Uhr 🙂

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